Planet of Faeries

Planet of Faeries Diamond Painting Art Kit Create Love Share
Planet of Faeries  Diamond Painting preview rendering by Create Love Share
Planet of Faeries Diamond Painting Art Kit Create Love Share
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Planet of Faeries Diamond Painting Art Kit Create Love Share
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Planet of Faeries  Diamond Painting preview rendering by Create Love Share
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Planet of Faeries Diamond Painting Art Kit Create Love Share

Planet of Faeries

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In a place far, far away from our planet, a secretive world where faeries and fireflies play exists away from prying eyes. No humans allowed! But you can make this gorgeous diamond art and let your imagination run wild!

This design has 3 AB Diamond Colours ✨

©Create Love Share. Commission by Nicole Segawa.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen Brown
Planet of Faeries

Really loved doing this colour is lovely looks so real

Planet of faeries

This was fun to do and took around a month

Sarah Napier
Planet of the fairies

A beautiful artwork! I'm a beginner and this is my first square drill DP. The parcel arrived quickly with nothing missing from the kit. The drills came in labelled snaplock bags which is great for storage! The quality is much better than the cheap kits I tried before. Some drills are stuck together but easily come apart and there's not too much rubbish. The wax quality is really good and the tweasers are so handy.
One thing I wish I'd done from the start is replace one of the colours which I feel is a bit off. It's number 36 AB996. The drill is slightly too small and the colour is too light everywhere I use it. In this photo it's the colour behind and underneath the moon- I think a darker drill would make the moon stand out more. But that's just a personal opinion! Otherwise I'm really happy with the kit. Thank you Create Love Share xx

Stephanie Lee
Absolutely love this

This was an awesome dp to do. The colours are just beautiful. Really enjoyed this one

Paul Walker

My wife was constantly buying cheaper kits, she would put in a lot of work and the end result was good however she was gifted a smaller Create Love share kit and the end result was AMAZING.
Please please grow your designs as I only want her working on these quality kits now, when you put in so many hours a good result just doesn't cut it when you can have AMAZING
With the kits I've bought her , the ones she has purchased and other gifts received we are waiting for more designs from your company
She runs a diamond painting group and many members love your kits however waiting for more to be released as many already have your kits
Please please please release more designs so I can grow her create love share kits before she wastes money on inferior brands haha
Thankyou for amazing products with Melbourne and Sydney in lockdown now is the time people are growing their stashes with so much time to work through them

Kim Evans
Great value

Honestly I’m loving working on this piece and it’s really great quality and would have to be my favourite so far

The Difference is in the Details

⭐ Sturdy kraftpaper tube with beautiful holographic film

⭐ Poured glue, super sticky canvases

⭐ Ultra HD canvas printing

⭐ Re-usable zip-loc bags for drills

⭐ Re-usable premium tool bag

⭐ Free replacement diamonds if you lose any

Eco-friendly diamonds

Ships from Australia

Missing diamonds insurance

Lifetime warranty

Eco-friendly diamonds

Missing diamonds insurance

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Ships from Australia

Lifetime warranty

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Genuine Resin Diamonds

We use 100% real environmentally-friendly resin diamond drills. Our premium drills contain virtually no split or broken pieces, have deeper colours and most importantly – more sparkles! Top quality diamonds retain their shine for longer. 

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All of our diamond art designs are carefully and precisely hand charted at the highest possible resolution. Our seasoned professionals make sure every dot and pixel are exactly where they should be. That means much better looking pictures, even at small sizes!

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Acrylic or plastic diamonds

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Computer Generated Designs

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Unlicensed or Stolen Pictures

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Chinese or USA companies

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Getting Started with Diamond Paintings

Step 1

Flatten canvas and peel back cover

Once you’re ready to start, unfurl your canvas make sure it’s flat. Choose a corner to start and peel back the protective film to reveal the sticky adhesive.

Step 2

Pick a colour and ready the diamond drills

Pick a colour you want to start working on. Find the matching colour diamond drills in your batch. Cut open the packet and pour out the drills on the tray.

Step 3

Align the drills and ready the stylus pen

Gently shake the tray from side to side to until some of them are pointing upwards (flat side down). Take your hollow-tipped pen and push it into the wax.

Step 4

'Paint' in the picture!

Using the waxed up pen, pick up each drill one by one and apply it to the matching symbol on the canvas, directly on the adhesive. Keep working through until the complete picture is filled in. Patience is key - it's worth it!

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