Why Buy From Us

Create Love Share was built from the ground up to deliver better diamond painting art products, faster. We are sibling owners named Lukas and Cindy, and we were once working under other diamond painting brands selling on their own websites, plus other online markets such as Amazon, Etsy and Wish.

If there's one thing we took away from our collective seven years of experience it's this: 5D diamond painting fans and addicts were sick of poor quality kits that took forever to arrive. There was simply no regard for quality control for either the materials or the design, and many designs were stolen art.

Every detail about our CLS kits have been meticulously designed to improve on all the complaints customers have had over the years about their kits. We have pursued only perfection in this craft, and we bring the result to you now. 

Create, Love, Share with us today and Inspire the world today with your creations!

Why Buy From Us

How do you choose which diamond painting kits to buy? If you've been shopping around for some time, you'd have a general idea of what's on offer out there. Yes, there are many online shops you can buy from that offer many more designs at much cheaper prices.

We offer more than just higher quality kits made from premium, environmentally friendly materials. Here are 5 points that separate us from our competition. 

  1. Drills made from genuine resin. There are many fakes out there manufactured from cheap acrylic material. These are lighter in weight, have less sparkle and will lose their artificial luster quickly. 
  2. Canvases made from ecological cotton. Soft and silky, while still being friendly to our global environment.  
  3. Poured glue canvases. Super sticky and certified non-toxic, poured glue canvases stay on the working area and will never get stuck to the cover film.
  4. Licensed designs. Unlike 99% of sellers on common shopping platforms, we compensate artists fairly for sales of their work.  
  5. Fast local shipping. Never wait weeks or even months to get your diamond paintings. We ship via priority line from Melbourne to get your kits to you within 1-4 business days.

Not to mention you will be backed by our superstar customer support team with a combined 11 years' experience in this business. They love what they do and there isn't a diamond painting related question they can't answer. 

Give us a try today, 100% risk free. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your product, we will refund every cent in return for your honest feedback, including the shipping.

Our goal is to become the number 1 destination for Australians to buy diamond paintings. Nothing is more important to us than our satisfied fans!

Here's to sparkling a little more each day. Signing off,

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