Terms of Sale



When you make a purchase on our store, you are entering into an agreement.

Nothing too scary or serious of course...

But we do need to follow some rules to ensure our business can continue to deliver the best service and products to all our customers.

  • If the price changes before you'd had a chance to buy, or after you've already made your purchase, we do not have an obligation to give discounts or refunds. However, it's a case by case basis, and you'll have better luck if you ask nicely :)
  • We ship everything on the next business day. That means once an order is in our system, you must contact us as soon as possible if you need to make changes. This includes cancellations, changing items in the order, or changes in address. There is no guarantee your order can be changed.
  • Tracking status is proof of delivery. If your package shows "DELIVERED", we are no longer obligated to reimburse you for loss. If a package does get lost along the way, we may approve a refund or reshipment. 
  • Refunds are subject to approval and in accordance with our refunds policy located here. Please talk to us first before filing charge-backs as this will save a lot of time in administration delays.