Price Increases

Our journey so far

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for all your support and helping us on our journey to become the best diamond painting store in Australia.

At Create Love Share, our mission is to be your the trusted brand you want to tell all your friends about. We have invested so much into providing things we know you love and value:

  • High quality, custom branded canvas, drills and packaging materials.
  • Poured glue and hand-charted designs.
  • Legally licensed artworks for our designs.
  • Employing real working Australians to maintain, pack and ship our goods.
  • Australian based customer support who go above and beyond for all our customers.
  • All of the above while still being incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other premium brands.

So far we've always tried to keep our prices low and have conceded very generous shipping discounts. This is because we're still a growing business and want customers to understand the value we provide while still being very affordable.

However we now need to increase our prices at an earlier schedule than expected.

What's changed?

The recent wave of COVID delta has ripped through the world like a completely different virus. Shipping ports are being shut down all over again and cargo is being backed up with months of delays.

Shipping costs are at record levels, increasing by more than threefold compared to several months ago.

Local warehousing costs have also sky-rocketed due to the increased demand for online shopping.

In order to continue providing our products and services at the level you've come to expect, while still allowing our business room to expand and grow...

Prices will increase by 15% for all diamond painting kits and some accessories, beginning September 1, 2021.

We sincerely hope you can continue to support our business going forward, and by extension you'll be supporting the development of the diamond painting scene in Australia.

Thank you and much love,

- Create Love Share team.